Meet the Divine Duo


Doc of the Heart (D. Heart)

Somatic Life Coach

As the one with the more mystical touch in this virtual sanctuary, my role is that of the personal guide in this not "quick-fix" journey. I am thrilled to walk with you through your own process while supporting you with aligned tools in my personalized 1-1 programs and retreats.  



The Academic Renegade (TAR)

Consulting Hypnotherapist

Brief Intro

While my adorable partner represents the love of, expansion of, and fluidity through life between the two of us, I am the structure with a hint of grace when the stars align and call for it, or the emotional gust of wind that puts into motion what is necessary. 

Aside from taking care of the behind the scene aspects of the business, I support Yuri in the administration and execution of the programs we offer, as well as provide fundamental level health educational services in addition to cosmology and hypnotherapy to those that feel the necessary alignment with me. 

At this time, to maximize my efficiency and effectiveness with previous commitments I have made, I take on new clients solely through referrals from my partner or other clients that have already connected and worked with me.

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Who Are We

We are a pair of souls, in human bodies, that believe all people are capable of living enlightened self-sovereignty by being one's own unique being.

Our purpose is to first educate or remind people what it means to be a soul, to include its connection to the body (in lieu of a soul believing it is the body), and how one can get back in touch with one's unique powers.

Our Process

To obtain a sense of the spectrum of our services, one example would be to educate a person in healing through providing guidance in applying optimal nutrition to improve bodily performance, perform a past life regression (PLR) to tune into the aspects that the material form cannot remedy, and then address the deeper issues discovered from PLR and apply it to somatic trauma healing.

Once the initial (re)education and healing is accomplished through revolutionary and science-backed processes, we guide souls into embracing their purest sense of being by helping them create aligned action plans through sharing, support, and empowerment, so they can create those changes in their life.

You are unique, so your process will be unique to you.


For those that choose to share their unique life with another (it does not have to be romantic in nature, though that is the type of relationship where we tend to apply more focus), we provide services that emphasize harmony through balance of the pair's uniqueness, whether the couple just started the relationship, or have been together for years and feel the need for a change.

We perform these services by utilizing what has worked for us through educational and experiential endeavors, as well as extensive observation and analysis of external relationships, and focusing on highlighting the individuality and unique learning style of each being so that the techniques taught can be optimally applied to one's resonant relationship. 

Is this for you?

We offer both one-time and long-term services in a 1-on-1, 2-on-1, or 2-on-2 format to optimize the unique learning style of the soul(s) receiving the service.

D. Heart

This specific work is for those that have tried healing from the mindset level (thought work, positive thinking, cognitive approaches) and still feel that they get in their own way.

This is for you if you know you have the answers within you but you just need a map to get to them because you know that ONLY YOU know what you're feeling and you want to heal and honor that part of you in the most harmonious way.

This is for you if you are ready to be seen in in the deepest parts of you because you know you want to feel liberated from the inner chains that have kept you bound and finally feel the you are living your PURPOSE.

The ideal participant is a person that feels that they are limited in their overall health, but know that they can achieve more with the appropriate empowerment, wishes to obtain support in understanding the deeper origin of many personal ailments that conventional medicine cannot explain (idiopathic) or simply refuses to acknowledge, wishes to regain a sense of self-responsibility and self-sovereignty, and is not afraid to feel without the need to see what is being felt, much in the same way we cannot see the breath that keeps us alive, but feel its love when we are at our stillest. 

The ideal client is a person that sees the value and potential evolution.

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