Suffer from social anxiety, but want human connection? 

Prefer to not have to travel? 

Want more ways to save time? 

Simply like hosting and having people visiting your home? 

Do you simply like us and would prefer to bring us in, no matter where in the world we are?

Home Services

While technology is making it easier to provide personal services from the comforts of our own homes, there seems to be something about the age old practice of receiving a visit from a healer in one's own home. 

Some may relish in the luxury of being able to request such a service.

Some may have societal phobias, or would prefer to not leave the house.

Some may simply prefer the personal touch of interacting with a live human in lieu of a computer screen representing a human.

Whichever the case may be, or if it is not even listed above, whatever the reason, we can provide house call services to provide that extra personalized touch.

Included in this service:

Any of our sacred healing services of choice and assessment(s) if necessary
Room cleansing (energetic, not material, kindly provide us an adequately organized room)
Crystalline support utilizing sacred geometry
Phytotherapy (type of plants used is situational, and will be determined after assessment, type and quantity may affect final pricing)
Sound therapy (instruments used is situational, but do not think of drums, guitars and piano, think more chimes, gongs and singing bowls)

What we need from you:
A dedicated room with plenty of space (or you are willing to clean out for the occasion) where interruptions are minimized, and you can comfortably and fully lay horizontally
Honesty (we cannot help you if you do not tell us what you actually need help with)
Recognition of your limits (just like how exercise is counterproductive if we go beyond your capacities, too much of any healing modality can actually cause more harm; even too much water can kill you)
Faith in your own capacities to heal with the resonant guidance

Services start at $2222 (paid in full, installment plans available upon discussion, additional services can be included for an additional fee), plus travel and accommodations will be discussed in final pricing.

We do have clients that fly us domestically and internationally, so you do not have to live in Puerto Rico to enjoy this service.