R  E  B  I  R  T  H

 Shed the cocoon of the old version of you and get ready to fly.

The way you have been taught to live and build your life, has disconnected you from your true self and your purpose. 

It has kept you living in constant stress and burn out, trapped in your head, disconnected from the rest of your body, your feelings and Divine Self awareness.

It's time to do a deep "cleanse"  of the old stuff within you so you can open up the space for what you want in your life.

The Story

Your Inner House

When you were a child, you started accumulating unprocessed emotions in your body, creating trauma and deep wounds.

These wounds first appear on an emotional level, and are still very fluid. 

When these energies are not delved into at that young age, as time passes, they compress into a very dense form.

These compressions then start to collect in different parts of your body.

Once compressed into that dense form, your body starts to store them.

In turn, your body becomes a "storage house" of emotional "baggage". 

Like any house, in this case, your body then becomes a festering storage bin of all this "trash" that you should have been "taking out". 

As we all know, after a while, not taking out the trash leads to consequences.

Like many people, by now, you have probably experienced dis-ease and pain, especially at a physical level.

Fast Forward...

Your inner house is SO full of junk, that you have no space to receive The New that you want so desperately to bring in.

The idea of taking out each "bag" or "box" of unresolved stored emotions feels overwhelming. You don't even know where to start.

Before you know it, your storage unit has gotten so full, that you can't even go inside. 

Every time you've tried you think to your self:

"Ugh, I don't want to deal with this...

It's too difficult...

It's really hard...

Emotions are hard!

You basically said "I don't want to have to address the storage room" ....

So  you continued your life, numbing yourself, escaping, and "hiding all the junk under the rug".

-Hiding under a career that you don't love

- Pouring your life force on relationships that are not authentic because you can't be your full self.

-Chasing material success when you are actually a simple and minimalistic being who believes that every choice you make has an impact on our environment

- Pursuing goals that were not yours in the beginning just so you can be seen with a status

-Tying yourself down to a place when you are actually a nomad at heart...

And the list goes on to the point of endlessness

You have done the mindset work, you try to be positive, eat healthy, take your vitamins, exercise, go to retreats, do yoga... and yet, you don't feel the success reflected inside. 

While all of that is helpful, it is not what will give you that liberation you want.

Trying to
reach your goals from your logical mind only, and with body full of unresolved "stuff", is taking you to where you actually don't want to go.

The UNRESOLVED feelings are still inside of you, living in your body, accumulated and they need to be "taken out", by you, consciously, willingly and fully present.


Welcome to

The R E B I R T H program is about helping you get rid of what has been on your way to receiving more from life.

During R E B I R TH, we get to "take out the trash" that's taking space in your body, aka, storage unit, "bag by bag" or "box by box", where you get to say bye to the excess that has been flooding your being. 

With each session you get to feel stronger emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.

You get to love your true life, because you get to design it by touching base with what's in the core of your being. 

Something you haven't been able to do because of the excess of inner baggage. 

A glimpse of what the R E B I R T H process has brought others.

“You’re worth more”.

I took a deep breath…

“Respectfully ma’am, that’s what I’m worth”.

I got the job. Not only did I get the job, I got THE job.

100% remote? Yes.

Customer service? No.

Enough money to not need two other side hustles to survive? Yes, but maybe I’ll wait a year or two first before seeking higher pay :)

Did I at least not hate it? No… I LOVED it! And I still do.

Your body first whispers, and then it screams. It’ll turn your head and make you look if you still don’t listen; Depression, anxiety, body aches, medication resistance, weight gain/loss… you name it. But if you learn how to listen, and you give the body the attention it actually deserves, it’ll take you further thank ever.

I couldn’t have learned that without Yuritzi.

Jamie CapdeviIla

I started working with Yuritzi to continue my healing journey of listening to my body and authentic wisdom.

I desired to continue the work of somatic trauma resolution, and at the recommendation of my former coach, I found Yuritzi, as she specializes in 1-on-1 work, and many coaches do group work.

Yuritzi has helped facilitate so much healing in my life. I felt safe to follow my desire to strengthen my body without feeling broken.

My relationship with my authentic wisdom/inner knowing is stronger as well as my capacity to be there for loved ones.

Mei E. 

The Process

Phase 1 - The Clean Up

On this first phase we do a "deep clean", a total overhaul, releasing the emotional baggage and even physical pain.

 Discovering what has been "sucking" your energy, consciously and subconsciously, on a spiritual level, emotional and also, on a physical level, allows us to discover the whole YOU and your gifts to this world.

Phase 2- The Rebuild

On this phase, we get to re-create your life on a cleaner slate, a "room" dedicated to what you truly want to bring in.

It can be about your love life, about your career, your self-image, whatever it is, the most important thing is that you have the space and STRENGTH to live and navigate the life that you get to design on your terms.

Here, with your emotional muscles "toned-up" and stronger, you begin to tap into spiritual connections that feel clearer, to the point that even your body will show you appreciation for giving it a break from all the stress caused by the "baggage" you were carrying this whole time.

Phase 3 - The Rebirth

This is the integration phase where everything comes together:

Your body-mind connection, your new beliefs, aligned with your physiology.

The vision and feeling of the success you have been desiring to see reflected in your life. 

The ability to access clarity in your mind and embrace your feelings because you activated your wisdom system, where your body, your heart and your mind are living harmoniously in alignment.

Ultimately, you begin living your life the way you were designed to.

Life keeps happening and your evolution doesn't stop, because you get to finally experience it, rather than following someone else's script.

Mastery happens with practice and if you wish, we can integrate my future support along the way, making sure that your temple never reverts to what it was before the process. 





Is a 1-1 ,very intimate, hybrid 9 month program that helps you speed up the manifestation of your heart centered goals, while healing the old wounds AND designing a life that supports the real YOU.

What makes this program unique?


It is the only program that offers you:

A revolutionary process where you receive a unique combination of laser-focused coaching combined with science-backed trauma tools, helping you create truly sustainable, long term results. 


This shortens the waiting time to finally feel like you are living your life.


It is specific and tailored-to-you with personality based processes:

Very few programs look at how you were energetically and genetically designed to do this thing called LIFE.

Using the Human Design tool, you get to learn and start honoring your true essence and your own process.

Learning this helps you build your life around what supports YOU, saving you so much pain, frustration, money and relationships in the long run. 


It is purely 1-1 (no group sessions, ever), so it is extremely intimate, allowing for powerful and highly transformational sessions:

You are a unique being with a unique journey. In order to receive proper guidance and coaching, you need UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.

This program is ALL about you. With a penetrating attention from Yuritzi, being a Projector herself, she will ultimately and finally see YOU.  

If you feel like you've been hiding and blending like many do in a group program, this is your opportunity to finally get the attention you deserve

This personalized attention is what makes this
work powerful, fast and efficient.


It accounts for your current life, so you do not need to be at a specific point of knowledge :

Unlike in other programs, you won't be given more work or lists of things to do and memorize. You will dictate the pace of your journey. 

The methods you'll receive during the sessions are meant to be applied during your specific sessions, activating your level of body-mind connection each time we meet. 

This skill is what will create changes for life because won't be only thinking about it through mindset work.


It is not yet another mindset-only based program:

Mindset does not address the actual damage done to your body, it only addresses what is to come, and how to manage it.

We include tools were you get back in touch with the language of your body.  You can't just think of the garbage disappearing (mindset), you have to actually remove the garbage (somatic).

We get to blend both, mindset and powerful somatic practices.

The Cocoon Logistics

 We meet twice a month for 90 min on ZOOM, OR you can use your respective  time once a month and make them a VIP day. (3 hrs plus break(s) as necessary)

If you reside in (or decide to visit) Puerto Rico, you can have a LIVE session with Yuritzi. 

⫸   For your support in between sessions you have access to Yuritzi via private messaging or email.

⫸   Support materials to help you in applying what you have learned (if you need them).

* Should you wish to take part in the Human Design aspect of the program, which involves using your accurate date, time, and location of birth, we will further curate the program to support your journey in the most personalized way.

Can I share my big why with you?

After years of working in the "backstage" of the human success and productivity world as a holistic, stress management and healthcare practitioner for almost 20 years (I'm trying to be as specific as possible here), I realized through helping my clients soothe the symptoms and putting bandages on their wounds what pursuing success in that way was causing them, their health and their relationships.

At that point of my spiritual healing journey, it dawned upon me that we were not addressing the real issues.

I kept hearing my clients share their inner pains, seeing that reflected in their body and their life, despite all the physical treatment, and my soul just couldn't keep watching them live like that anymore without wanting to share, from a metaphysical perspective, what is actually causing these ailments on a deeper level of being.

This desire lead to look for a way to connect the physical with the metaphysical to achieve actual long lasting, results.

Results that could last this not only lifetime, but even carry on to future lifetimes.

I KNEW there was something else to do.

I knew my clients needed DEEPER work.

They needed somebody to create a safe space that can empower them to make healthier choices and lead a substantially improved life.

I knew they needed more sophisticated attention and proven tools to help them become more independent from the toxic culture, selling a false version of success, which has been robbing them from a TRUE fulfilling life.

If you are determined to finally experience your own version of success, leadership, power and connection at a higher level without burning yourself in the process, the opportunity is here.

Victoria's R E B I R T H

◗ Before her rebirth, Victoria suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, chronic inflammation, exhaustion, destructive mood spikes, and general unhappiness in her personal and professional life.

◗ Upon completion of her 9-month rebirth, she attracted the perfect job for her, honoring her energy type (she is a Projector), earning more, working less, having full trust from the company to be the leader that she is.

◗ Her relationship was also upgraded from understanding her energy dynamics, as well as that of her significant other. Now, they communicate and use their strengths in the best way without being attached to traditional roles. 

◗ She now leads her ideal version of a fulfilling life. She accepts fully who she is. She feels like she can be the mother she always wanted to be because she has more space with her time, in her mind and her heart.

◗ Allowing that space to exist, she has more bouts of creativity and has put together a big list of projects that are calling her heart, and has developed the formative tools necessary to build that life she always knew she came to live.

◗ She also has more energy after learning how to tune into her body to take on only what aligns with her heart, and now she has time to take better care of her health. Her rheumatoid arthritis has diminished because of what she states to be a less distressful life. 

3 different ways for you to start your REBIRTH journey.


This is for you if you would like help/support  with one aspect of your life that you can already identify.

On this day, we will map out your path, providing you the essential tools that can help you start opening the path towards your desire and walk it. This session will include a Human Design analysis so that we can take advantage of applying your natural strengths and tendencies in your transformative process.




The Clean  Up

This is a foundational program that takes place over a period of 90 days, implementing the energetic "cleaning" process.

This is where we perform a deep cleaning, taking out the boxes with major unresolved "junk" that has been holding you back and controlling your life, such as relationships, health, or career.

Here is where we get to create the space for your core desires and soul projects for this life of yours, releasing what is not aligned for you anymore.


($10000 if paid in full)

Payment Plan Available
(book a call for details)


The Cocoon

Think of this as you being  re-born, from the inside out, over a period of 9 months, the same amount of time that many of us spend in the womb preparing for the world. 

Just like a baby's body usually requires 9 months to integrate the soul to all the systems, you get to take this time for you to be reborn to your designed life, from the inside out.

The extra time allows you to perform a complete overhaul of your life, allowing you a chance to apply and integrate all the necessary processes with full support, skipping no steps and assuring that a true foundation is built so that you can take off and return with full confidence.

If you don't like to feel rushed and believe that true change takes time, this is the option for you.


($30000 if paid in full)

Payment Plan Available
(book a call for details)


It will be my pleasure to be your guide during this amazing journey, a journey to rediscover the real and already powerful YOU.

If you have any questions about the program, or are interested in discussing the payment plan option, feel free to send an email to:

[email protected]

Or, book a quick, free call on the button below.

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