Don't like or are ready for commitment?

Per-Session Services

Sometimes you may really want to sample someone's work rather than having to commit for a long period of time with them. 

Sometimes you may just need a tune-up. 

Sometimes you may just need to talk with someone.

Whatever the non-committal goal is, you are covered with these services.

All About You

Are you tired of trying to fit in? Do you feel you have something special within you but the conventional methods to define it are not working for you specifically? 

Bring to life who TRULY you are by design and share it with the world.

Perhaps you have been busy trying to heal and now find yourself stuck in the self-help world.

Today, you finally feel ready to take action but you don't know where to start. 

During this session:

We will scan what is robbing your energy. (Are you too much in your head? Is there something you need to let go? Is there something within that you are afraid of accepting, but is actually who you truly are designed to be?)

We will learn about your unique design and ways to interact with the world so you feel more comfortable in how to take power from what already exists within you. 

Using the Human Design system and specific somatic tools, you will have a roadmap to finally get out of the knowing about what you have to do, and into  the doing of what you actually are meant to do.

Embodied Communication

For those who have a hard time expressing their needs and want to start connecting to their voice.

Embodied Communication is a service that empowers individuals to communicate their needs and set boundaries without guilt or shame.

We will focus on techniques for confidently and respectfully advocating for oneself while navigating tough conversations with ease.

With our service, you will develop a deeper sense of emotional intelligence and learn ways to communicate in a more authentic and confident way.

Say goodbye to self-doubt and insecurity and hello to clear and effective communication on a deeper, more embodied level.

Sound-off Soundboard

Do you have a lot in your head (or in your heart) to express confidentially? Do you need to sort out thoughts and get clarity on? This session is for you. 

Sometimes, all we need is someone to talk with.  Whether it's to make sure we're not the crazy one, to share something that no one in your current circle is willing to accept, or simply because you're lonely. 

You won't even need to be worried about getting interrupted, because we won't say more than a word or two while you catch your breath...  if you even need a breather with all the venting you might need to do.

Need someone to talk with?  We'll lend you an ear.

Want to work with one of us, but don't know where to start?

Schedule a connection call with us.  No charge.