About Yuritzi, aka Doc of the Heart


Computer Systems and Programming
Modern Dance BA on scholarship
Orthopedic and Medical Massage Therapy
Lymphedema Therapy
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Bowen Therapy
Polarity Therapy
BodyMind Coaching Method
PSD Somatic Trauma Resolution 

Personal Experience

Energy Healing
Raj Yoga Meditation
Kundalini and Hatha Yoga
Human Design
Gem Therapy
Somatic Trauma Healing
Mystical and ancient Wisdom
Subconscious work
Energy Work
Manifestation and Law of Attraction
Musical Theatre
Folkloric Mexican Dance

I was introduced to the world of body connection since I was in kindergarten, through dancing, sporting, and just about any other physical act I was able to participate in.

In my late teenage years, I was introduced to the world of energy and consciousness. Immersing myself in the study of the body as an instrument in modern dance school (Graham Technique), allowed me to connect with the sensitivity of my body, as well as the body of others.

A little later in life, after experiencing the typical aches and pain of professional dancing, I was called to learn healing touch medicine to survive the everyday grind, only to later realize that it would enhance the sensitivity of what would be part of my calling.

I was in my home country, receiving teachings from my shamanic healing teacher, while finishing my BA in modern dance, practicing, learning and diving deeper into the world of healing, only to then find myself later on living in one of the most buzzing cities of the world, New York City.

While I was playing the 3D world game of getting my New York massage therapy license, and getting all the science behind stress and pain, I started noticing that there were things that were not being taught in the conventional health school setting, even one as prestigious as the one I attended. That inspired me to find answers in other places and practices.

Since then, while I worked in a wide variety of settings in Mexico and NYC- medical clinics, sports and fitness centers, high-end spas, wellness studios; I have been studying and practicing what is commercially called “mystical healing arts”, or as some would say, “woo woo” healing.

Synchronistically, while those years of studying and practicing the mystical side of healing happened, it was nice to see that science slowly started to discover many of those answers I had in mind from my mystical studies, many times originally rejected by conventional “authorities”.

This only inspired me to dive even deeper, as the confirmations were not just coincidences anymore, as it makes me wonder “what else are we denying ourselves simply because science has not proven it yet?”

Describing the benefits of working at an energetic level has been one of the most challenging parts of offering this practice. But, as we keep evolving and becoming more sensitive to energy as a society, I am happy to help those that are in sync with this energetic sensitivity, and do not need to see it physically in order to believe it, because they believe that to transform the outer world, the inner world in each of us needs to be transformed first.

Fun Fact: The moniker “Doctor of the Heart’ was a gift given to me by the Solera Guides (channeled by Solera Cheng) after having a powerful question about my purpose. Helping people learn how to listen, heal, express and live more from their hearts is my calling, and I am happy to guide you through this journey, (and we are getting the science behind that now, yay!)