Testimonials to the Divine Duo

I am absolutely impressed with how accurate this tool is; they explained things about my personality that really were true, and if that wasn’t enough, they also provided insights on things that my gut always knew but maybe my mind didn’t completely embraced. I also received guidance and confirmation on steps I might be taking in my near future and I’m thankful 🙏🏽

I recommend this tool to anyone really looking to get to know oneself more deeply.

Thank you Yuri and Guillermo. Forever grateful with you both!

It's amazing how things turn out.  We met at Graham maybe 15 years ago?  Still connected and she's uplifting the world as she always had!  My light working friend and her partner have an incredible life coaching and somatic practice available online! Check them out

Thank you!!

You guys are AMAZING

D. Heart's Testimonials

"Like many people, I was laid off in March 2020.

I decided to move back home with family to wait it out.

Unfortunately, I was let go a few months after because of the same reason we were all laid off. Deciding to look for permanent, remote work online, fast-forward two years… and I still couldn’t get hired anywhere.

I’ve paid career coaches, HR Department freelancers, and webinars the remaining money I had in my savings to try and find someone to help me get a job again.

I told myself I wanted a job with specific criteria: 100% remote, enough money to not need two other side hustles to survive, no customer service jobs (for the sake of my already-fragile mental health) and that I at least didn’t hate it.

If I was lucky, maybe I could find one that I enjoyed. Fast-forward again to six more months.

My family, friends, my boyfriend, and coaches all suggested that maybe I had too many criteria that were not allowing me to find anything.

Three years of applying for work and only getting “We regret to inform you that we have gone with other candidates at this time” can really do a number on you. My chronic depression that was stable before COVID happened, and now dwindling, really did a number on me, too. I had a -literal- mental breakdown on my garage floor, next to the warm car that had been turned on for what seemed like an eternity ago.

You know when you think you’ve reached your limit? Imagine being past that… and then more…. and then more…. You literally have nothing else in you… imagine that point right there. I was past that point. I started to think maybe I did have too many criteria. Maybe I could do a customer service job. There are TONS of those that are also remote, right?

To hell with my non-existing mental health… I just needed a JOB! But something kept telling me to not settle.

No matter… “Just. Don’t. Settle”. I kept going back to what my good friend Yuritzi had told me some years ago. “Listen to your body, because THAT’s what knows best for you.”

“...not your brain, because it has too many negative/maladapted thoughts and traumas that are not your own, so it’s not good advice. Not your heart, because it’s only thinking of what you’d like to do, but not what you need to do. Listen your BODY, because it’s a mix of it all, and the one that’ll tell you the real truth. What you feel intrinsically that not even your consciousness is aware of.”


Yes. Absolutely.

So I did exactly that. Every time I or someone else told me to settle, I checked in with my body to see what it was telling me. What is was making me feel. I slowly became more and more attuned to it, and with time, learned to understand its language.

Everybody said “settle”, and my body said “don’t you dare!”

Fast forward a few more months and it’s December 2022. I received a call. The voice on the other side of the phone. “How much are you looking to get paid?”

It was a job offer. Or a potential one, depending on my answer. As the person on the other end kept saying numbers that were 3 times more than what I’ve ever gotten paid in my life, my brain said “SAY YES!”; my heart said “Omg, omg, omg, omg….”

Guess what my body said. “You’re worth more”.

And I was worth more. So with my tail in-between my legs and my head held high, I said a bigger number. “We’re unable to give that”, she responded. “Please reconsider”, I asked.

She prodded. “So you’re saying you don’t want this job?” I knew she was just the gatekeeper and I had to get past her, but my body didn’t budge. “You’re worth more”.

I took a deep breath… “Respectfully ma’am, that’s what I’m worth”.

I got the job.

Not only did I get the job, I got THE job. 100% remote? Yes. Customer service? No. Enough money to not need two other side hustles to survive? Yes, but maybe I’ll wait a year or two first before seeking higher pay :) Did I at least not hate it? No… I LOVED it! And I still do.

All because of learning how to listen to my body, how to understand what it’s telling me, and how to catch when it’s telling me something. Your body first whispers, and then it screams.

It’ll turn your head and make you look if you still don’t listen; Depression, anxiety, body aches, medication resistance, weight gain/loss… you name it.

But if you learn how to listen, and you give the body the attention it actually deserves, it’ll take you further than ever.

I couldn’t have learned that without Yuritzi."

I started working with Yuritzi to continue my healing journey of listening to my body and authentic wisdom. 

I desired to continue the work of somatic trauma resolution, and at the recommendation of my former coach, I found Yuritzi, as she specializes in 1-on-1 work, and many coaches do group work.

Yuritzi has helped facilitate so much healing in my life.  I felt safe to follow my desire to strengthen my body without feeling broken.  My relationship with my authentic wisdom/inner knowing is stronger as well as my capacity to be there for loved ones. 

My father died abruptly after having a heart attack on the highway while driving home. The shock was beyond intense. As was the chaos that followed. Who would care for Mom? What would become of the house. All of this fell on me in addition to the pandemic. Yuritzi has such a healing vibration. Everything about her energy is loving, and supportive and makes you feel safe. Her empathy and compassion allow you to speak your truth while she empowers you to solve your conflict and discover your best next steps. It is a such a transformative collaboration! She is the perfect guide and earth angel for anyone looking to recover and rediscover who they are now. I absolutely recommend her to everyone. She is so versatile and accomplished in her expertise. Regardless of where you are on your journey, everyone can tremendously benefit from working with Yuritzi!

When I met Yuritzi for the first time, I felt so comfortable. That’s not usual in my life. It didn’t take long for me to recognize that Yuritzi has a communication gift. She is genuine with me, and I can a feel a deeper connection when I am in her company. Her conscious and unconscious energy helped me heal myself. She helped me save so much time and energy from going around looking for answers to many things like past traumas, how to increase my self-respect, and her, without me knowing, would tell me, guiding me to what I had to look at inside of me to move on. She would make it so easy by giving me examples that I can understand, she makes knowledge so practical and easy to apply. She didn’t judge where I was, it was the opposite, all the judgements I had in my own mind had to be brought out and recognized to see them and heal them. Aside, of being such a professional, and helping me with my physical stress, she is also a true friend, and her intentions really create a safe environment when you work with her on a mentoring setting. I was feeling so lost. I didn’t know where to start. She helped me find the best place for me to unravel the healing process. I saw that there were many ways to start healing and that I shouldn’t feel bad for where I was. She taught me to first accept and love that part of me. My mind has really opened to be myself and make me feel more resilient. This version of me she helped me discover, is a new version I never thought of. It is not perfect but at least I know how to keep myself on a healthy path. I was being very receptive to things, but mainly to unhealthy things. I now am open to things that are beneficial for me. She opened the door for me and so I could see more possibilities.

I cannot begin to tell you how healing and grounding my session with you was.  You are truly gifted to stand with and hold space for people that are physically and spiritually bruised and in need.  I am grateful I met you.

Yuritzi, your superpower is being a judgment free sanctuary for people to reveal their innermost suppressed truths, a place they can come to receive an inner healing unlike they have ever been able to before.  You are like an empress waiting peacefully to invite tired souls into her zen garden - a safe and secluded place to heal

Thank you
You understand me better and never judge and that's the only way anyone can help me

For Several years I have suffered with chronic back pain. Not just the back pain, but rather all the associated conditions. Currently I have herniated / bulging disks at location L4 & L5. Not only herniated but putting pressure on the sciatic nerve causing extreme sciatic pain. Pain to the point where I’m unable to even walk around. Over a period of time I have gone for steroid epidural injections. While these do help a lot and give relief, they don’t last forever. Anyone who experiences chronic pain knows the awful side effects. Sleepless nights, mood changes, all leading to depression. Over a period of time I have been receiving therapeutic massage sessions from Yuritzi. I must say it’s been a trip from HELL TO HEAVEN!! While it will not cure the medical condition fully, the relief has been amazing. On some days I can walk again, and I do sleep at night. I do not have the bouts of depression from the pain and hopelessness any longer. Peace. I have peace, and anyone who suffers from back pain and associated symptoms can relate to this. There is relief!! While I never truly believed in massage fully, I can now understand and benefit from its remedies. Yuritzi is a gift!! A gift not to be taken lightly, a gift for all those who suffer from pain, and looking for an escape. Look no further, it’s not in your medicine cabinet. Find Yuritzi!!

TAR's Testimonials
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search "Guillermo Cabrera")

"My experience on hypnosis with Gui have brought many positive changes to my life.  I would recommended it to all, even those who are naturally sceptic as I was myself.  It help me to be at ease, a much happier, focused and relaxed lifestyle."

Great professor, I strongly recommend him. Super helpful, easy to reach out, and welling to work with students as long as you are showing him your effort. I would take him again and again. He never let me down, every time I asked for help he made time to meet via blackboard and discussed my assignment and how to make it better. He is AWSOME!.

Professor Cabrera. is a gem, I took Professor Cabrera on line class and it was awesome.

Professor Cabrera is absolutely hands down one of the best professors ever! He makes lectures extremely engaging and creates analogies that makes remembering facts better. In lab, he takes the time to properly narrow down key info we NEED to know. Out of all the classes I took in this session, I looked forward to his classes the most. Love him!

Professor Cabrera is one of the best in the field of Health Education.

Professor Cabrera is an amazing professor. I love him to the moon and back! Tough class to take but he made it easier for his students to understand. He gives amazing lectures and is very approachable. You still have to make an effort to succeed in his class but he will definitely help you achieve it.

One of the best classes I have taken so far. Professor Cabrera is very knowledgeable and explains everything very clearly. But you have to study there's no way around that.

I respect professor Cabrera He is very knowledgeable, approachable, and helpful. I like his sense of humor also. If you learn understanding and thinking out of the box you will end up with a very solid foundation