Experience uniqueness in unity.

Relationship Remodeling

Relationship Remodeling is a two-on-two service that focuses on addressing natural needs, removing societal expectations, and helping clients establish their definition of true love in union.

Our sessions are customized to each client's unique requirements, providing a confidential space to explore personal goals, relationship expectations, and beliefs.

We use our expertise to work with individuals who are committed to having a happy and fulfilling romantic life.

With Relationship Remodeling, clients can expect to find the tools they need to create lasting, enriching relationships.

✺ Initial Consultation

Independent of any choice of plan, the initial session is an intensive intake and consultation of the plan based on the info provided; approximately 3 hours long with a break in between the intake and consultation, the Human Design system will be used to help design the consultation plan, but will not be discussed in detail until later sessions, should the couple choose to proceed in working with us.

Investment: $777 (waived if investing in any of the tiered programs below)

Tier 1 - open 3-hr sessions

No commitment, does not need to follow the plan above exactly, allows for evolution of arising issues and freestyle, only interactions are during the sessions and one call of up to 30 minutes if a subsequent session is booked; this is to provide support between sessions and refresh what was discussed: sessions typically last about 3 hours (75 minutes addressing each person, and 30 minutes addressing the unity). Sessions may be recorded.

Tier 1 Investment: $1111 (includes the initial consultation)

Tier 2- 1 Day Intensive

A mini virtual retreat. Approx 4 hrs, small breaks included when needed, includes 30 continuous days of virtual support via text from one of us, the countdown begins the day after the 1-day intensive..

Virtual session held in Zoom.

Session may be recorded.

Tier 2 Investment: $2222 (includes the initial consultation)

Tier 3 - 6 Session Program

This is an elaborate and tailored program where we focus on a particular or “urgent” relationship aspect, which will be determined and discussed based on the intake.

Weekly 90 min session via Zoom. Virtual Support in between sessions via private messenger or email.

Sessions may be recorded.

If selecting this program, it is highly recommended that both parties be present in order to make it as effective as possible.

Tier 3 Investment: $7777 (paid in full, includes the initial consultation)

Payment Option: $8888 - 2 payments of $4,444, due on the first and fourth week.

At no point is a discount provided if one partner fails to show for any of the programs, or if only one partner opts for the program. Relationships are a commitment, and we will always show up as a couple, since if we are going “to talk the talk”, we must “walk the walk” as well.

One rescheduling per session allowed. Rescheduling must be done at least 48 hours prior to the session date and time, though at least 72 hours prior would be preferred.

Sessions must be booked at least two weeks apart from each other to maintain a flow; too much time in between sessions will reduce the efficacy of the work provided, much in the same way that too much time in between exercising will reduce/reverse progress over time.

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