1-on-1 Personal Service Listing

Material (Visible) Plane Per-Session Services

Ideal for the “I need to see it to believe it” personality type.

Embodied Communication

with Yuri

Embodied Communication is a service that empowers individuals to communicate their needs and set boundaries without guilt or shame.

We will focus on techniques for confidently and respectfully advocating for oneself while navigating tough conversations with ease.

With our service, you will develop a deeper sense of emotional intelligence and learn ways to communicate in a more authentic and confident way.

Say goodbye to self-doubt and insecurity and hello to clear and effective communication on a deeper, more embodied level.

Nutritional Nuggets

with Gui

This session is to help guide the client in compiling all the food the client intakes during typical and emotionally charged instances, eliminating foods that do not nourish in any way, and identify foods that will aid in the physical nourishment of the body.  Physical activity will also be addressed, but will not be the focal point of the session.

Sound-off Soundboard

with Yuri

Sometimes, all we need is someone to talk with.  Whether it's to make sure we're not the crazy one, to share something that no one in your current circle is willing to accept, or simply because you're lonely.  You won't even need to be worried about getting interrupted, because we won't say more than a word or two while you catch your breath...  if you even need a breather with all the venting you might need to do.

Need someone to talk with?  We'll lend you an ear.

Time to Orgalife

with Gui

This session is to help guide the client in realizing that they always have the money and time as long as they are alive, by identifying the pitfalls and time sinks, and replacing them with plans, based on the client's true wishes, that will bring true fulfillment in the life of the client; a spreadsheet program will be utilized to augment the visual representation of the client's current and potential life, focusing on budgeting and time management that is in full alignment with the individual.

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Mystical (Invisible) Plane Per-Session Services

Ideal for the “I’ll never know unless I try” personality type.

All About You

with Yuri

All About You is a unique service that helps individuals rediscover their life purpose and reconnect with their soul.

Our "witchy" sessions tap into your aura, unlocking your hidden potential and guiding you towards self-discovery.

If you feel lost or unfulfilled, our service is perfect for you. With our help, you can remember the reason why you came into the world.

Discover your true self with All About You.

Design by the Divine

with Gui

Ever feel that you were just a bit different from the rest?  Never felt right trying to fit in?  Is there something missing in your life?  It is time to reconnect with who you were always meant to be.  The day, time, and location where you were born was not coincidental.  Find out what the cosmos gifted you with as you came down to take form as a human, and rediscover yourself.

A combination of Human Design, Gene Keys, and Natal Charts are used to integrate and communicate what it means to be you.

Healing Hypnotherapy

with Gui

The subconscious has a lot it would like to tell us, but combine all the programming we've been through since elementary school, the media, the distractions, add to that the times where we just choose to ignore what our body is telling us, and it is no wonder many of us are in the sorry state we're in.  Deep down, we know what we need, and when, it is simply a matter of tuning out the resistance long enough to give that inner wisdom its appropriate voice. 

Ready to turn down the volume of the noise and tune into your natural intelligence?  There is a reason why many come to this last resort, when nothing else works, when no one else has an answer for you, and leave all the better after finally reconnecting to that voice.

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