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2-on-1 Per-Session Services

Ideal for the “more for me” personality type.

The Embodiment of You

with Yuri and Gui

In this session, we will help you understand the concept of embodiment. This includes highlighting your natural way of being and reacquainting yourself with it, remembering your strengths, making you aware of your challenge points and how to navigate through them, and providing pointers on how to honor your unique body.

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2-on-2 Per-Session Services

Time to even the score.  Ideal for "the more the merrier" personality types.

Cosmic Connection

with Yuri and Gui

Wondering if your significant other is the one for you? 

Don't want to waste time in a relationship that ultimately cause more harm than joy?

Dating is pricey, and divorce is brutal.  Save yourself some trouble.

With the help of the cosmos, you don't need to wonder anymore.  Get the answer today so that both of you are in a better position to thrive, whether as singles or as a pair.

Relationship Reset

with Yuri and Gui

Know you're with your soulmate, but feel that the relationship can benefit from a spark?

Love your partner, but can't understand why they do some of the things they do, and you find that it just irritates you?

Benefit from rediscovering who you both are, and maybe learn some new things about each other that slipped through the cracks in the beginning. 

Re-establish why you both joined each other, and make the best of your unique traits to strengthen the bonds of your relationship.

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